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Alia Tempora


Markie – Vocals
Stepan – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Roman – Bass
Marek – Drums





“Get ready for light spreading metal fusion! ALIA will catch you by uplifting melodies surrounded by dubstep beats, unicorn madness, and prismatic image. Enjoy the power of the life-beating social community around! This “Outside of the Box“ band is smashing boundaries into dust!“

Alia Tempora is a modern metal band from the Czech Republic with a strong influence of pop, dance, and dubstep music. The band is characterized by its emphasis on modern prismatic image, catchy music, captivating show, and the strong cult of personality of the frontwoman. The band is well situated in central and west Europe, has an influence in North America and Mexico, and has been seen on major festivals stages.

Their sound can be described as a combination of strong metal riffs, dance beats, and dubstep grooves. The band is simply the must-hear for everybody who likes lighter melodic metal in a modern package!