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Black Thunder


Andrea “Andre” Ravasio – Drums, Lead Vocals
Davide “Ferdy” Ferrandi – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Ivan Rossi – Bass, Backing Vocals



Black Thunder is a Hard ‘n’ Heavy Metal band, inspired by the 80’s classic Heavy Metal and by melodic reminiscences of Hard Rock with some nuances of Groove and Thrash Metal. “All My Scars” is a mix of sensations, moods, opinions and feelings such as anger, anti-religious ideas, violence, resilience to life, dream, hope and it is extremely personal, with an excellent musical appeal that goes to gather support in both Hard Rock and Heavy Metal audiences.

The sound created is very direct, with voices and choirs blend together with the compositional structure.Using the old school as a base for their twisted musical fantasies, this album is overwhelmed by cutting discordant riffs, eclectic rhythmic structures and solid voices.The result is a powerful and direct album, a real shattering and upsetting musical experience!