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Filippo Tezza – Vocals
Ilya Reyngard – Bass
Daria Piankova – Guitars
Aleksei Turetckov – Keyboards




Concordea is a melodic progressive metal band. The first line up was realized towards the middle of 2012 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. At that time Concordea gave the first concert ever.

Concordea’s singer is Filippo Tezza, from Verona, voice of Chronosfear and many other projects.

First Concordea’s full lenght came out last 27th of May: “Over Wide Spaces” is a power metal album with progressive touch. Heavy guitar riffs, beautiful melodies sang by an expressive high male voice, various keys, power metal rhythm and romantic lyrics.

A first video has be released in the upcoming weeks: the song is “Wings’ Motion”.

Now the band performs its first full length album and they are ready to conquer Europe with their energetic sound.