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Feline Melinda


Chris Platzer – Drums
Rob Irbiz – Vocals, Guitar
Headmatt – Lead Guitar
Gschnell – Bass



Musical style: Melodic metal rock – powerful, airplay-oriented songs with catchy riffs and choruses arranged and improved with choirs, k-boards and hyper-melodic guitar solo parts.

Foundation-Origin: Started in the late 80s, South Tyrol (Italy) / Previous publications “The Felines Await You” (1988, vinyl-EP, label ‘Metalvoice/ Metal-master’/IT, 2010, remastered reissue on CD, label ‘My Graveyard Productions’/IT), “Living In Europe” (1995, maxi-CD, label ‘Face Records’/DE), “Feline Melinda” (2004, CD, label ‘Rockwerk Records’/DE), “Morning Dew” (2008, CD, label ‘My Graveyard Productions’/IT), “Dance Of Fire And Rain” (2014, CD, label ‘7hard’/DE), “Just Ballads” (2016, CD digipack edition, label ‘Feline Melinda’/IT), “Three Decades – Live At The Kultursaal Theatre” (2017, CD digipack edition, label ‘Feline Melinda’/IT) and various releases of single songs on national and international compilations / Band evolution Founded in the 80’s by Rob Irbiz and the former bass guitarist, the band starts as a trio. From the speedier and heavy recordings, the band develops into high melodic metal rock, thanks to the new drummer, Chris Platzer. In 2004 Gschnell replaces the bass player. The band turns into a quartet with the young lead guitarist Mattia ‘HeadMatt’ Carli, who joins the band during the recordings of the album “Dance Of Fire And Rain”.