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Sebastien Chabot – Lead Vocals / Guitars
Thomas Schmitt – Lead Guitars / Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals
Bob Saliba – Bass Guitar / Lead & Backing Vocals
Julien Digne – Keyboard / Backing Vocals
J.C. Chicco – Drums




GALDERIA was founded by Seb in September 2006, in Marseille, France. Seb, who handles lead vocal duties, guitars and the song writing, was joined by Tom (lead guitar), Bob (bass), Julien (keyboard) and J.C (drums). Together they set the basis of GALDERIA’s sound: A melodic and powerful metal with a strong emphasis on choir harmonies and arrangements.
The band has always used the power of its music to shed light on the universal spirit of unity and the elevation of consciousness. Seb baptized this philosophy “The Universality”, and also gave this name to the first album.
The main characteristic of GALDERIA is that the band strives to remain on the positive side of life.
The group has gained a lot of experience by performing on stages all around Europe along the years, where they always received a warm welcome.
Against the common plan, GALDERIA decides not to rush and gives itself plenty of time to progress. Between 2006 and 2009, 3 self-produced demos were released to the public in the form of free downloads, only available digitally on the website of the band.
The EP “Rise Legions Of Free Men” was released in 2010. It was the first physical release of the band, produced by GALDERIA and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. This first EP received great reviews in the international metal-oriented press, and made a clear call to the legions of Galderians.
GALDERIA released its first album called “The Universality” in late 2012 on the Canadian label Metalodic Records, and licensed to Rubicon Music for the Japanese release. This album was produced by GALDERIA and mastered by Mika Jussila. The artwork has been created by the well-known digital artist Felipe Machado Franco. The album received excellent feedback from all over the world.

Now the time has come for GALDERIA to present you their second album!
The album is called “Return Of The Cosmic Men”. It is more melodic than ever, full of choirs and harmonies, and deals with the massive awakening that is happening on earth, and the return of the enlightened beings. It’s not a concept album per se, but all songs are bound together by the same spirit: the awakening of all mankind.
This time, Tom and Bob, who are both also great vocalists, are taking a bigger part in the lead vocals. All songs are performed as duets or a trio, which gives the album a unique touch and personality.

It has been mixed by the greatly talented Mikko Karmila from Finnvox Studios, and mastered by the genius Mika Jussila. GALDERIA once again produced it, and the artwork was once more created by Felipe Machado Franco.