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Imago Imperii


Gwarner – Vocals and Concept
Ivanhoe – Keyboards and Programming
Lüke – Guitars
Mick – Bass guitar
Iskandar – Drums





Power / symphonic metal band born on November, 2011 by Fabio “Gwarner” Guarnieri and Giovanni “Ivanhoe” Esposito to play a mix of deep epic and symphonic atmospheres with classic metal style of the ’90s and influences of goth and north european metal sounds.

Imago Imperii are active ‘round Italy from 2012 with three official releases and many live performances as guests of various italian underground metal fests and opening internationally-known metal band like “Tarchon fist” and “Vision Divine”.

Recently the lineup was comlleted by the joining of Luca “Luke” Fortini (lead guitars) , Michele “Mick” Mandreoli (Bass guitar) and Alessio “Iskandar” Monacelli (drums). Actually Imago Imperii are working on its new album release planning and promotion.