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– Federica Calvaresi – Vocals
– Fabio Partemi – Background Vocals/Rhythmic Guitar
– Francesco Giannelli – Lead Guitar/Synth
– Davide Neroni – Bass
– Raffaele ‘Ralph’ Cellini – Drums




Magmatica is a band borned in Spring 2018, when five Italian youths living in the same area of central Italy joined their musical abilities in order to create an alternative metal band.

Though the idea started to move almost one year before with the front girl and singer Federica whose personal musical inclinations are close to pop and soul music and the guitarist Francesco, whose personal musical tastes are closer to indie rock and grunge. The idea moved soon to two other friends, the bass player with prog-rock tastes Davide and the guitarist Fabio whose personal musical tastes goes from electronic music up to metal. The band’s line-up has been completed shortly after, with the entrance of the drummer Raffaele who has brought on clear influences by thrash metal and metalcore. These different styles contributed to create an original mosaic in which diversity became a union of melodic and heavy rhythmics.

From this synergy was born “Ashes of Constantinople” the first creation of the band approached in the autumn of 2018 whose official videoclip has been released officially in January 2019. Three months later, the second creation “Blended In The Rain” has been produced: this work is characterized as a ballad rock as it was featured by the use of acoustic guitar. In a while the band developed a wide covers repertory which includes artists like Chris Cornell, Wolfmother, Halestorm, Of Mice & Men that it is played along with its own music. The band is actually working on the creation of new original songs whereas the main goal is to create their first EP.
Regarding the live performances, the band performed live at various musical events: the most important of them has been the recent performance held in May 2019 on ‘Gulliver Rock XXVII’, a professional stage in which the band opened to a professional artist and it had the occasion to present their creation to a large audience.