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Symphony Of Darkness


Aurora Garofolo – Vocals
Emanuele “Phoenix Legacy” – Guitars
Mirko Filacchioni – Lead Guitar
Marko “Kram” Patrocchi – Vocals and Bass
Lamberto “Drummer Furio” Giuliano – Drums



Symphony of Darkness is an Italian symphonic metal band, born as a studio project that travelled among various genres and sounds, to finally reach its current identity.
The story begins (not) in the mists of time, when the guitarist/author Emanuele Porro “PhoenixLegacy” gives birth to a gothic concept divided into chapters, inspired by authors such as Poe and Lovecraft.

The sound is based on orchestral instruments and female lyrical voice. That’s when Marco “Kram” Patrocchi join the band and the work begins to bring to light the EP “Gothic Tales”, an excerpt from the album “Trough the silver key’s gate”; but it’s just with the arrival of Mirko Filacchioni that the works are over and EP is finally completed.

Gothic Tales contains 4 songs: She, the kiss of death. Gargoyles. Blood 69 and the orchestral ballad Stardust. Self-produced by the band and enriched by the marvelous illustrations of Oscar Celestini.

The drummer Lamberto “DrummerFurio” Giuliano joins the band and this line-up finally takes the songs on the stage whilst working on the first LP.