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The Great Divide


Mauro Pala – Vocals
Pier Paolo Cianca – Guitars
Vladimiro Melchiorre – Drums
Alessio Ripani – Bass
Gabriele Sorrentino – Guitars





The Great Divide formed in 2011 when Pier Paolo Cianca (guitar), Vladimiro Melchiorre (drums), and Alessio Ripani (bass) started writing together in a converted garage in the outskirts of Rome. Once united with Rome-based Italian-American singer songwriter Gino Maradé (lead vocals), they set off on a prolific and intense two years, writing almost a dozen new songs, recording a five track EP, and playing stages across Italy’s capital. When Gino Maradé has to return to New York in 2013, the band takes a short hiatus. Then Mauro Pala (Avekey and Dr. Hyde) joins the band as lead singer, and long-time friend and mentor Gabriele Sorrentino (Hyperdrive) finally makes his official entrance. The line-up is consolidated, and with two guitars the band is now more powerful and the sound even more aggressive.


In July 2017, The Great Divide locks themselves in the studio, and in a weekend they record their debut album “Union” in the old fashioned way: live, “plug and play” into the amps, without editing in post production, looking for the same magic, energy and interplay heard on the albums of the seventies.


The band finds its sound and defines its own language somewhere between the hard rock of Velvet Revolver and Foo Fighters, and the grunge of Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, with crossover and alternative rock influences. TRACK SUGGESTIONS Killing Time, Divided, Grinder, Sleeper.


“Union” has already received positive feedback from several magazines (Metalforce – included in the best 10 albums of 2017, Fireworks) and has been played on some of the most relevant italian rock radio stations (Radio Rock, Radio Kaos, Radio Godot, Radio Nova Sorso, etc …).


The band is currently rocking the stages around Italy and have just returned from the eastern Europe tour (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland).


“Top 10 2017 Album”, “Worthy hairs of Layne Staley and Scott Weiland”, “… a debut album of a quality rarely found today” “… the Roman five piece gives us a very high quality album.”, “… great debut work of the Great Divide. Band promoted with praise.”, “… listen to this work that deserves your full attention.” – Metalforce “The Great Divide brings to life the hard rock sound of the late 90’s with an original and overflowing character, worthy of bands that currently play main stages around Europe and the United States.””A good start for a band that can fly across the border making us proud of a made in Italy idea.” – Ukizero “Union is undoubtedly a high level production and an excellent debut album, careful to remain faithful to the mix of the ’90s, while giving a rather original and personal cut. – Dangerofmusic