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Waking The Sky


Matteo Passaretti – Lead Voice & Rythm Guitar
Mirco Conti – Lead Guitar
Tiziano Iacomussi – Bass




The Italian band Waking The Sky founded by singer and guitarist Matteo Passaretti (Matt), undertakes a musical journey on the Metalcore genre, influenced mainly by the powerful sounds of the Welsh band Bullet For My Valentine.

The band proposes a genre inspired by many other bands, such as Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Asxing Alexandria etc., introducing some variations, with the hope of reviving the almost neglected culture of the Metal scene in Italy. The band is completed at the beginning of 2018 seeing Matteo Passaretti (Matt), on rhythmic guitar and vocals, Mirco Conti (Mitch), on solo guitar, Tiziano Iacomussi (Big), on electric bass, Francesco De Lazzaro (Frank), on drums, the latter for personal reasons leave the project, consequently the band is now looking for a new drummer of the genre, while at the moment for the live they are joined by Andrea De Carolis, well-known drummer member of 5Rands and Travellin ‘South.

In October 2019, The metal band go to the recording studio of Andrea De Carolis, to record their first presentation project called “THE PRISON”. The E.P It was completed at the end of 2019 and the Lyrics Video of the single “Unexpected solution” has been published at the moment only on YouTube. The E.P. It will contain four tracks plus a short instrumental intro and will soon be available on all digital platforms.