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Liss Eventide – Vocals
Drakon Nahr – Vocals
Andrea Montalbetti – Vocals and drums
German de Sotomayor – Guitars
Nel Löse – Bass



WonderOnce is a metal band from Malaga, Spain. Its musical style is inspired by such bands as NIGHTWISH and RHAPSODY and great composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Alan Silvestri or Ennio Morricone. They call their genre CINEMATIC FANTASY METAL based around creating an epic movie soundtrack mixed with different kinds of metal music. Each song has its own style and atmosphere with lyrical content varying from mythological legends, fantasy elements to original stories.

Current lineup features Liss Eventide and Drakon Nahr as lead singers, Andrea Montalbetti as singer and drummer, German de Sotomayor as guitarist and Nel Löse as bassist.
In 2015, WonderOnce signed with the promotional and management agency VAMPIRE PRODUCTIONS and in May 2016 they released their first LP “FREEDOM ODYSSEY”, mixed and mastered by VIC ORTEGA with Andrea Montalbetti and featuring a full choir and collaborations from various European musicians.

For the remaining of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, WonderOnce worked on a national campaign to promote “FREEDOM ODYSSEY”, led by Lorenzo Sanz of TOP ARTIST PROMOTION. The band appeared with a review and interview in two editions of METAL HAMMER, performed live acoustically with an interview on the TV program ROCK PALACE, acoustic live on air on MARISKAL ROCK RADIO, reviewed and interviewed by LA HEAVY magazine, awarded with best vinyl of the month by CUSTOM MACHINES as well as receiving air time on EL VUELO DEL PHOENIX on RADIO 3 and various other national radios.
At the end of 2016 WonderOnce debuted live on their first gig in Malaga, and in 2017 they performed on the 5th edition of AQUELARRE METALROCK FEST, 2nd edition of METALWOMAN FEST and the 2nd edition of VAMPIRE PRODUCTIONS FEST. In September of the same year, WonderOnce released their first music video “MORRIGU” on BLANKTV, produced by HENRY MENACHO of KRONIC PRODUCCIONS.