Aleister Hunt – Voice
Carmine Gitto – Guitar
Francesco Bracchetti – Guitar
Filippo Martini – Drums
Erik Natale – Keyboard
Leonardo Palestini – Bass



Aeternum is an Italian Hard Rock band based in Rome, founded by Aleister Hunt (vocals) and Filippo Martini (drums) in January 2009.
Generally framed in the context of classic hard and heavy, the music of Aeternum is mottled with veins of various subgenres of the metal universe and is mainly oriented to address the corporate schemes and the role they play in life.

The band is inextricably linked to the Brotherhood of the Snake, a lot to share the effigy and his music therefore wants to focus on a path from darkness to light, embodied in the plots of a repertoire that has the clear will to remain easy to use, even for the listener who does not intend to deepen these issues.
The band began its career by performing in Rome’s clubs with a completely new repertoire.
Some time later, he takes part in concerts by artists such as: Secret Sphere, Mark boals (Malmsteen), Pino Scotto, Edu Falaschi (Angra), The Iron Maidens, Crying Steel and Pain of Salvation.

In November 2017 the band released its first EP “Aeternally” which will come later broadcast in Italy by Radio Città Futura and in Argentina by EQ radio.
In 2020 Aeternum takes part in the 33rd edition of Sanremo Rock, ranking first in the regional finals and obtaining an excellent response from critics in the national ones.
Over the years, Aeternum have seen various lineup changes, up to and including the 2022 which, with the entry of Francesco Bracchetti on guitar, completes the new one band formation.