IronCross – Guitar
Emiliano – Drums
Beppe – Bass
Stefano – Guitar
Drake – Lead Vocals



Bölthorn, a name that evokes Norse culture, was formed in 2015 as a project initially focused onDeath/Viking Metal. It was initiated by Ivan/Ironcross, who took on the roles of guitarist andcomposer. Right from the start, the project also involved Rob, who played the guitar, and Drake,who provided the vocals. The three members immediately found a strong affinity with each other,resulting in a powerful, massive, and melodic sound. This led to the decision to transform theproject from a mere studio endeavor into a fully-fledged band.In 2018, Bölthorn released their debut work, “Across the Human Path,” under the record labelBroken Bones Records.
The album was recorded at the prestigious AUDIOCORE studio inFontevivo (PR), Italy.Afterward, Rob made the difficult decision to leave the band due to personal reasons. Thisprompted a period of searching for new members to solidify the live lineup. Overcoming variouschallenges, including the obstacles posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the band finally achieved thedefinitive lineup. Stefano joined as the guitarist, Beppe took on the bass, and Emiliano became thedrummer.
With this formation, Bölthorn was now prepared to grace both Italian and internationalstages with their energetic performances.Currently, the band is fully immersed in the creative process, diligently working on their highlyanticipated second studio album. The new material they are crafting is taking shape as an intriguingconcept album, adding depth and thematic coherence to their musical expression.