Great Master


Stefano Sbrignadello – Vocals
Jahn Carlini – Guitars
Manuel Menin – Guitars
Massimo David – Bass
Jack Lauretani – Drums
Giorgio Peccenini – Piano & Keyboards


Great Master are an italian heavy/power metal band with a style characterized by a strong epic verve.
In 2009 the debut album called “Underworld” is released under the label Underground Symphony. In 2012 the band back to the recording studio to release in 2013 the second full lenght called “Serenissima”. Serenissima is an historical concept album on Republic of Venice and her major historical representatives. First heavy metal record to be dedicated to the maritime republic a right tribute to the native land of the band.
In 2014 the band participates to the Tribute Heavy Load called “Tales Of The Northern Swords” with the song “The King”. In 2016 the third album called “Lion And Queen” is released , again with thematics related to the Veneto
region but also introducing topics related to science fiction stories. In november 2019 the band with a new line-up releases their fourth album called “Skull And Bones – Tales From Over The Seas”.
“Skull And Bones” is a concept album to tell the story of piracy in the 1600s and the facts that preceded Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, “Treasure Island” a story that can be aligned with the “Black Sails” TV