Giacomo Noia – guitar and vocals
Giovanni Micucci – bass
Ettore Bianchi – drums and percussions



KAYRON are an Italian metal band founded in Milan, formed by Giacomo Noia (guitar / vocals), Giovanni Micucci (bass) and Ettore Bianchi (drums / percussion). We are a metal band that loves to mix its more aggressive nature with gentler sounds, generally belonging to other musical genres such as blues, reggae, skaand funk. Music for us is a fundamental part of the human soul and indeed, it influences it to the point of modifying and distorting it, causing surprising reactions.”Has Humanity Failed?”, Our debut album, was conceived very spontaneously, even if the gestation was long and difficult. The disc was recorded and mixed at Larsen Premoli’s“RecLabStudios”. Contains 11 unpublished songs, written and produced entirely by us.Each song deals with a different topic, while remaining within a common skein that unravels and tangles from piece to piece, guaranteeing the freedom to be interpreted, criticized, accepted or rejected by anyone who comes across it.We strive to ensure that our musical journey continues to grow, leaving it wild and free to expand like ivy.