Zaira de Candia – Vocal / Whistles
Alessandro Dionisio – Guitar
Domenico Devito – Guitar
Marco Papalo – Bass Guitar
Dario Stella – Drums





Active since 2017  from the idea of the singer Zaira de Candia. The different influences of the components led the project to range in different genres, maintaining folk and celtic metal as matrix. In March 2018 they realized their first single “The Goddess’ Song”, which belongs to the first official album “Ferenus”, released in June 2018, via Rockshots Records.

In the same period they release the video clip of the title-track “Faerenus”, in the premiere via New Noise Magazine. After having held various dates in Central and Southern Italy, from September to October, the group engages in their first tour called “Faerenus Italian Tour 2018”, which leads them to play all over Italy accompanied by names like Domine, Elvenking , Windrose, MaterDea, etc.

In December 2018 they release their second single “Brigante Se More”, a revisitation of the popular music piece composed by M. Eugenio Bennato. The single collects success immediately and positive opinions from the press.

In March 2019, they will learn to wrap the undercurrents, which will result in European conferences including France, Germany, Czech Rep., Poland, etc.
In the same year KormaK are the support band in the only Italian dates the dutch Heidevolk.
Their last date at Pagan Fest 2020 together with bands such as Furor Gallico and Elvenking.

Currently KormaK have completed the recording and production of the second concept album which will see the light in the first half of 2021 via Nova Era Records, underlining the characteristic Death / Folk Metal sound with particular hints to classic European Black Metal atmospheres.