Nanga Parbat


Flavio Cicconi – Lead Guitar
Giulio Galati – Drums
Andrea Pedruzzi – Vocals
Enrico Sandri – Bass
Edoardo Sterpetti – Guitar & Orchestration



Nanga Parbat is a new progressive death metal band founded in 2019 by experienced and accomplished musicians coming from acknowledged bands in the italian scene, touring both nation wide and world wide. Nanga Parbat is a project whose music, images and words relied on a synergic equilibrium amid a wide range of genres and themes, to create ground-breaking and engaging music.

The band is named after the homonymous mountain of the Himalayan Range, also known locally as “The Killer Mountain” for its high number of fatalities amongst those who tried to ascend it. An immense and tremendous vertical peak rising far above its sorroundings.  Pivotal role in our topics and lyrics are the natural forces and animal symbolism as an evolutionary driving force of the earth’s will.

Based on the typical heavy stamp of band that we consider milestone of Death Metal such us Death, Carcass, Cynic, Edge of Sanity and fascinated from the more recent Swedish progressive and melodic death metal scene of bands among which we cite Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates, Amorphis and Katatonia, here we try to go further by incorporating, exploring and experiencing several other influences and sounds, ranging from the Classical symphonic music till the progressive rock 70’ scene. Pivotal role in our thematic and lyrics are the natural forces and Animal symbolism as an evolutionary driving force of the earth will. On this background sets the struggle between the human and the natural world.

Our tendency and strong passion to continuously research and experiment new solutions for enriching in all aspects our music proposal, is what prompted us in such an ambitious composition endeavor. This heterogeneity and multiplicity of influences sets the main challenge of this work, as well as its authenticity/uniqueness.

On this background sets the struggle between humans and the natural world. The voices in the album are extreme (growl and scream) with melodic cleans and choirs, symbol of human songs of torment and suffering and aimed at evoking an atmosphere of contrast with the strength and aggressiveness of nature. This allowed us to create a strong and lively dynamic, through which we try to drive and accompany the listener into a variety of atmospheres and feelings, depending on the message to communicate and the scenario to depict.