Sick N’ Beautiful



Herma – Vocals
L0r1 – Guitar
Nemes – Guitar
Big Daddy Ray – Bass
Evey – Drums


SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL is the ultimate rock n’ roll sideshow from outer space! A unique concoction of hard rock and modern metal infused with industrial, punk, and electro-pop overtones, blending in varying parts the influences of Rob Zombie, Lady Gaga, Kiss, Rammstein, Katy Perry, Alice Cooper, No Doubt and Nine Inch Nails. Intrigued yet?

In their own words:

“We are intergalactic nomads, performing our numbers for the enjoyment of all species we meet in our travels. Rumor has it that sometimes we resort to “questionable” means to make ends meet: all we will say is that life in space is never easy…

We fly the BFS9000, a ship that has seen better days. Even so, the recent massive engine failure came totally unexpected. With nowhere else left to go, we crash-landed on Earth, in the vicinities of Rome, Italy. Our ship is stuck here until we can get enough resources to fix it and resume our voyage.”

The band puts together a fission-bomb of a show out of their self-produced albums “Hell Over Hell” (2015) and “Element Of Sex” (2018). In just a few months, SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL managed to rise from playing the tiniest bars in Rome to the huge stages of Lucca Comics and Eutropia. But make it a small club or a gargantuan concert venue, the group is equally at home, and they will take no prisoners!

Extreme visuals, make-up and costumes, along with sexy bombshell singer Herma keep the audience involved and nailed to the stage, for a performance that is truly one of a kind.

The videos, the recordings, the outfits, the props and effects, the merchandise design… SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL produce everything themselves in-house, and everything you see is “home-made” with dedication and painstaking attention to detail!

Catchy tunes along with an incendiary stage presence have helped to generate a loyal hard-core fan base which is absolutely enamored with the storyline and the characters of the band.

“Even though planet Earth is not known for being kind to outsiders, we were fortunate enough to find the support of our trusted fans. We have found friendship in the Different, the Strange, the Outcast – and together we have built a secret network where the power of music is deployed as a weapon against the Oppressors of all things Alien.

And though we came in peace, a hidden war is now underway. So the question for you is: on which side will you stand?”