Tommaso Santillo – Vocals
Francesco Carretti – Guitar
Carlo Loffredo – Bass
Simone Bianchini – Drums




Solar Mantra is a stoner rock band based in Rome (Italy), formed in 2017 on a drummer and founder Simone Bianchini idea. Started as a desert/psych instrumental project, the band evolves artistically in 2018 welcoming into the line-up the singer Tommaso Santillo who introduces grunge and hard rock influences to the powerful and mature sound of the band, creating the eponymous and completely self-produced 4 tracks EP. Solar Mantra’s solid, driving and evocative sounds merge perfectly in a particular artistic identity, unique and never predictable, thanks to the add, in 2019, of the guitarist Francesco Carretti who certainly marked a renewed artistic vein, defined by different influences that naturally leads to the production of the debut album, the LP “Away”, in September 2021, throught the Italian label Argonauta Records. Mosaic Solar Mantra finally reaches its completion in 2022  with the advent of the poliedric bass player Carlo Loffredo, last missing piece, refined and expert rock and metal genre connoisseur, who brings an irreplaceable added value to the already flourishing, compositive vein of the band.