Sunset ’99


Alex Py: Vocals/Rhytm Guitar
Christian Martinetti: Lead Guitar
Gilles Fontana: Drums
Leonardo Shine Palestini: Bass


Sunset ’99 is a band formed towards the end of 2019, just before the start of the pandemic, in Ticino (Switzerland).
Sunset ’99 was born from the ashes of a previous duo (Red on Gray) composed of the singer (Alex) and the drummer (Gilles), who in a phase of dissolution were joined by the bassist (Leonardo Shine) and finally by the guitarist (Christian) to form a new band, with more influences and a better balance.
The members of the band in fact come from different musical scenes, and in general from different musical styles and influences, with the aim of creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the 90s without straying too far from modern pop / rock sounds and maintaining.
Alex started playing inspired by artists like Pale Waves, he previously sang mainly in ecclesiastical choirs, Christian is more of a classic rock type, he follows the style of the Beatles and Queen, Gilles is more influenced by bands like Green Day and Blink 182 while Leonardo is an old-school metalhead who grew up primarily with Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.
The message in the Sunset ’99 songs is aimed at inspiring the listener to follow their dreams, not to give up in the face of life’s difficulties, to convey a positive message of hope and above all it is aimed at making it clear that the members of the band are very close to their fans and that their music only serves to make them feel supported even if at a distance.
The band’s first release was Dream Big (18.06.2021), followed by Bubble Gum (30.07.2021), the first two singles of the first album for which the release is planned and the first live event was on 11 September 2021 at the Cugnasco summer festival.
Sunset ’99 are soul and groove on stage or in the speakers of your stereo or car, ready to chill you out or make you bang your head (depending on the track you are listening to).