Konstantin Naumenko – Lead and backing vocals
Mayo Petranin – Lead and backing vocals
Libor Křivák – Guitar
Tomáš Sklenář – Bass
Josef Cigánek – Drums
Johannes Frykholm – Keyboards





SYMPHONITY are back! This Czech symphonic/power metal band introduced its musical art for the first time more than ten years ago when released the first studio album “Voice from The Silence”. A lot has been told about the band at that time. Then unfortunately, the band was forced to be not so active in public for various reasons. It ends right know! Symphonity are back, they prepare new musical material and are hungry for playing live shows more than ever before.

The band announced a brand-new line-up at the turn of 2018/2019. The band leader Libor Krivak, who produced both studio albums, invited great musicians not only from Czech Republic in order to make the band active again. The band has released two studio albums so far, which have very positive critique (especially in Czech Republic, Germany, Japan). With these albums the main current band ́s goal is to promote its songs live at least in Europe.

The band with new line-up is working on new musical material, but does not hurry with releasing of the next album – at least now.

Releasing of the debut album “Voice from the Silence” back in 2008 literally shocked (in a very positive way) critiques and fans. Album was published under Limb Music Products and under Marquee Inc./Avalon in Japan. Power metal fans were excited about hearing the voice of the lead singer Olaf Hayer (ex Dionysus, ex Luca Turilli) and the excellent drum playing of Martin “Marthus” Škaroupka (who then left the band and went into Cradle of Filth). The album was mixed by Sascha Paeth and Michael Rodenberg, who are famous for their cooperation with Avantasia. After releasing of this album, Symphonity played various live shows at big festivals such as Masters of Rock, Basinfirefest etc.

Further promising direction was disrupted by several tragic events. Especially the sudden death of the bass player Tomas Celechovsky in 2012 and lengthy health issues of the singer Olaf Hayer resulted in long pause which took several years.

The silence about the band was broken by releasing of the long awaited second studio album, which name is “King Of Persia”. This album was released in 2016 and was published also under Limb Music Products and under Marquee Inc./Avalon in Japan. We can hear another great singer on that album. Besides Olaf Hayer, there ́s also Herbie Langhans (Sinbreed, Avantasia).

Even though this album was very warmly accepted by critiques and fans, it was not followed by an appropriate tour. That ́s the reason why the band leader Libor Krivak decided to make some radical changes in the line-up. Because of the still persistent health issues of the lead singer Olaf Hayer, he had to be replaced namely by Antonio Abate, the great voice from Italy, who ́s known from his band Perseus. Instead of Herbie Langhans who decided not to continue

with the band because of lack of time caused by his cooperation in Avantasia, came Mayo Petranin (ex Signum Regis) as a second singer. The line-up was filled in with great Czech musicians Radim Vecera (drums) and Tom Sklenar (bass).

With this line-up, the band released a brand new song “Crimson Silk” on November 29th, 2019.

To support this single the band went on the first European tour with Rhapsody of Fire during February/March 2020.

Soon after that new single “Dreaming Of Home” was released on May 29th 2020 with new singer Konstantin Naumenko (Sunrise), who replaced Antonio on lead vocals. In that time, the band began to cooperate with new drummer endorsed by DW Drums – Josef Cigánek. In this line-up the band is working on a new album and is ready to rock as soon as it will be possible!