Alberto Rozza – Guitars
Gabriele D’Alessandro – Guitars and banking vocals
Luca Lodigiani – Bass
Matteo Lo Sicco – Drums and backing vocals
Stefano Panizzari – Vocals



Tessilgar is a multi-faceted Hard n’ Heavy band in as much as it encompasses a variety of styles, including Alternative Metal.
The members’ musical background draws both from great artists like Black Sabbath, Ozzy or Soundgarden, and from more contemporary bands such as Avenged Sevenfold or Shinedown.
This creates a modern, original sound that stands out for fast-paced grooves, pungent vibes and vocals that enthral listeners from the very first note.
Tessilgar takes you on an inner journey across a universe of soul-searching lyrics that tell of inward conflicts, doubts, uncertainties, and unrevealed desires.
Tessilgar has strived to spiritually connect the band’s members with each other and with the audience, adding up to a remarkable sound that engages, captures and astounds listeners.
In a society where appearance and shallowness have taken over, we are intent on plunging into the deepest abyss of the soul, whose infinite angles are nothing but ourselves, our image and our reality.
“What’s perverted in the daylight is natural in the darkness of the mind.”