The Last Sound Revelation


Francesco – Guitar
Tiziano – Drums
Valerio – Guitar
Niccolò – Bass



The Last Sound Revelation is an instrumental band from Rome with various influences ranging from Hard rock, Metal, Progressive and Blues Rock. The project was born in 2005 from an idea of bassist Niccoló and guitarist Francesco who compose instrumental tracks and lay the foundation for what we now call The Last Sound Revelation.
Niccoló (bass) and Francesco (guitar) come from a Metal background, Tiziano (drums) from Hard Rock and Valerio (guitar) from Progressive Metal, who replaced Massimiliano Forlani in June 2021.
The project aims to stimulate in the listener an emotional experience that recalls images and inner states of mind trying to conquer even those who do not usually follow this genre and at the same time, to offer a product that is as much original and different as possible.
Since summer 2020 the band has been working on the production of new tracks that will make up the second album.