Mattia Fagiolo – Lead singer
Gae Amodio – Bass and backing vocals
Giulio Cattivera – Keyboards and backing vocals
Flavio Cicconi – Guitars
Marco Berrettoni – Drums
Alessandro Mancini – Guitars






DragonhammeR are officially born in 1999 as a trio: Max Aguzzi (voice and guitar), Gae Amodio (bass guitar) and Marino Deyana (drums).

The great feedback of the same year self-made demo named “Age of Glory”, and the publishing of the Official Web Site to promote around the music and the image of the band, DragonhammeR signed a recording contract with Legend Music label, in partnership with a more popular label, Elevate Records. In 2001, the debut album “The Blood of the Dragon” came out, with a great confirmation in terms of selling and public answer. The band found a new recording contract with Scarlet Records, and in 2004 released the second album “Time for Expiation”, improving their feedback both on Italian and foreing market.

A long break due to capital and unavoidable changes, DragonhammeR came back with a stronger and more powerful new line-up. Max and Gae were supported by a new keyboarder Giulio Cattivera, and a second guitar player Flavio Cicconi. After the acclaimed “The X Experiment” released in 2013 that signed the return of the Roman act and the subsequent incredible European tour with Freedom Call Official, the band has been also touring with Civil War and joined the “Beer Fest” in Rome (headlined by Rhapsody) and City Of Power (Poland), headlined by Iron Savior.
“Obscurity”, is their 4th full lenght album and it has been released on October 27th, once again with My Kingdom Music.