Viviana Schirone – Lead Vocals
Gabriele Vellucci – Guitar and Extreme Vocals
Silvio Assaiante – Bass
David Folchitto – Drums



The Neurasty project was born in 2016.

The name Neurasty comes from the word neurasthenia, which is a malfunction of the nervous system, a dysfunction of human faculties following traumatic events.

Its line-up has undergone several changes until confirming the current one around the pre- and post-pandemic period.
A mixed band from Pontine Marshes, Naples and Rome, born of different identities, worlds, cities and genres, but with a decisive, scratchy, angry, outspoken identity.

Diversity is their strong point and that is what you see in a continuous succession of distorted, melodic riffs and clean, scratched, extreme vocals.

The modern metal they offer is refined, hard and it is the result of study in every detail, influenced by death and progressive roots.

The first album talks about a theme common to all: the reactions and consequences of trauma on the human being in all its nuances, for better and for worse.