Loris Bertolone – Lead vocals
Luciano Romano – Guitars
Gianni Innocenti – Bass
Angela Maraschiello – Chorus



THE NEWBORN ANGER project was born in September 2022 from an idea of the guitarist Luciano and the singer Loris. Luciano approached metal music in ’88, at the age of 13, after, thanks to his cousin, he discovered historical bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Ac Dc etc… It was then that he bought his first guitar and he started playing in some local bands trying to emulate the style of his idols. After 10 years he founded Jaws of Fate (Heavy thrash Metal) with whom he made two albums, Metafore 2002 and Dissent 2004. After Jaws of Fate broke up, he began a long period where he played in some cover and tribute bands. In 2018 he played with Hellblade, a metal band that had recently produced an unreleased album. At the same time he collaborated with Udal Cuain on a project that allowed him to experiment with new horizons. Since 2022 he has dedicated himself exclusively to The Newborn Anger. Loris instead began in 94/95 to play the bass, which he abandoned in 97 to start singing, which he still does, militating between various covers and tribute bands (tribute Iron Maiden, Dio), hard rock and heavy covers. In 2010 with his band of the moment, the Breaking Bones, he released his first album of unreleased songs. Since about 2015 he has also played drums with Hellblade, where he currently plays, a band with which he released his first album in 2018.

The band takes the path of classic metal, touching its various facets, from dark sounds to more Power Classic sounds.
The songs themselves vary from more classical structures (Accept, Iron Maiden, Primal Fear, Judas Priest) to more “dark” structures (Nevermore, etc…).
Gianni on bass and Angela on backing vocals are also part of the project. Gianni Back in 1982 he bought a cassette “The Number of the Beast” and was struck by it. He was especially fascinated by Harris’s bass rides. Once he finished his studies together with some friends he founded the “Container Sound” and the current “No Remorse” still active. They practiced in a container and the current was supplied by a blender generator. After this experience he played in several projects, the most relevant surely, the tribute to the Iron Maiden “The Prisoners” and the tribute to the Skunk Anansie “Hedonist” still in vogue. Currently, in addition to the Skunk Anansie tribute, he plays bass in two metal bands; “Hellblade” and of course “The Newborn Anger”. Angela, on the other hand, has been listening to music since she was a child, both Italian and foreign. Having an older brother who plays electric guitar she has always listened to Iron Maden, Metallica, Nirvana, Queen etc. In 2008 he decided to start taking lessons in modern singing and then move on to opera singing. In 2013 he founded Leaden Tears, a band of unreleased gothic symphonic metal. In 2016/17 she joined Kimera as a backing vocalist. In 2022 with his partner, she joined a group of TV theme songs from the 70s/80s/90s. Later she joined The Newborn Anger.